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LABS Foundation

LABS Foundation (a subsidiary of LABS Ltd) is a Community Interest Company. Providing training to the local community and small businesses.

LABS   Foundation’s    Mission    is   to    equip unemployed youths with the confidence, inspiration and motivation  they need to find and keep a job.  Many of our youths are left alone with no one to direct them and hence many end up on the streets or choose a life of crime.

LABS foundation also offers short  courses  for small businesses managers and employees, the objective is to help small businesses survive in the current difficult economic environment.

Seminars scheduled to run  from 6pm-8pm
Tuesdays & Thursdays and
Saturdays 11am – 3pm on  various subjects including:-

  • The Power of Self Discipline
  • Interview Skills and  Winning  at  interview: A new  way  to succeed
  • Discover your strength
  • Presentation Skills : Speak  to  Win ‘How  to  present with power in any situation’
  • Essential  people skills : How  to  assert yourself,   listen  to others & resolve conflicts
  • How the  Best Leaders  Lead: Proven  secrets to  getting the most out of yourself and others
  • Managing difficult behaviours as a supervisor
  • Effective Delegation
  • Conflict Management Skills for Supervisors
  • Business Writing Essentials
  • Selling in tough times: Selling when no one is buying