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Certificate Programs

LABS has developed over the years, opening its doors to corporate delegates from all over the world, from industrialised as well as developing and transition countries. LABS has established relationships with numerous governmental organisations around the world and continues to provide them with long- term training support. Since its inception, more than 1800 delegates from different organisations have participated in LABS’s training events, either in London or at international location. Our distinguished alumni number several Deputy Governors, Ministers, Secretaries and Directors.

Our training courses are increasingly aimed at specialists and experts, with a number of expert forums and high level seminars included as part of the training. Our aim is for LABS to continue to build on its reputation as a centre of excellence and strengthen its role as a forum for the study of the analytical and technical areas of organisational training. Please find a selection of the executive certificate programs that LABS will be offering in 2016. For more information, please contact Larry Jones-Esan at

2016 certificate programs
Valuation & Acquisition (Oct 17, 18, 19), New York
Introduction to Research Methods (Nov 07, 08, 09), London
Managing Strategic Risks ( Nov 18, 19, 20 ), London
International Taxation (Nov 21, 22, 23), London
Multicultural Management (Dec 12, 13, 14), London