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About LABS

The London Academy Business school manages the complex. and challenging projects in over 100 unique and diverse countries

We take our extensive experience of capacity Building human, resources  auditing, banking, finance, public financial management, procurement, and supply chain management and apply it to all our training courses.

We offer real World solutions to complex  problems and ensure our clients gain practical skills, relevant knowledge, and new ideas that they can use right away.  our hands-on approach and deep experience mean that learning goes beyond the classroom to make a real difference to organisations

our innovative methods, personal support, and customised solutions help clients achieve exceptional results. our trainers are not only experts in their fields, they understand the challenges people face and inspire and energise clients to make extensive use of their learning.

By helping organisations to plan, manage and evaluate learning and development, we ensure they gain maximum benefit from their training resources.

some of the many advantages of training with the London Academy, business school are the high Quality of Global academic and professional professors,  program customization and flexibility of location.  Our training centres are strategically located, one in the  city of London another in the United Arab Emirates training  centre in Dubai,  New York, USA as well as campuses in major cities in Nigeria (Lagos & Abuja) plus partner sites around the

LABS has the capacity to manage large and change-driven projects as well as improve on new innovative ways to increase organisation performance. We take our experience of capacity building in Human resources, Auditing, Banking, Finance, Engineering Telecommunication, oil and Gas, Electrical Maintenance, Welding,Fittings, Public Financial Management Procurement and supply  Chain Management and apply it to all our training courses.